I stood in the cold drizzle of the morning. As I opened the doors of the church for those coming to the funeral of their friend, I noticed the umbrellas.

Some were small, some “normal” sized and some were large. There were colors; red, blue, green; flowers, polka dots, stripes and ruffles. Some were crisp and new, while others were missing parts or broken altogether. In other words, each was unique.

Just like people. Some of us are large, some small, some plain and some flamboyant. Some are young and just beginning life while others are tattered around the edges or in need of repair.
We, like those umbrellas, are unique. We are special to our Maker. We may be new and clean, or life may have left us ragged, but we are loved.

Our differences don’t matter because we are each here for a reason. So, no matter your make-up, make your life matter. Find your purpose and embrace it.