Not everyone is a singer.  You only have to watch the current bevy of musical television shows to know that. 

But each of those contestants has a desire to express what is in their hearts, in their very souls.  They practice.  They save their money and travel long distances in the hopes that they will please the judges, and maybe, just maybe win that big prize.  They want recognition, glory, and for people to love them.

The majority will be turned away.  Some will be booed, laughed at, and most will leave feeling defeated – destroyed.

Why?  Because they are seeking the approval of man.  They are looking to the world to give them love and acceptance. 

I’m not saying don’t go after your dreams. Being in front of a crowd, and having people applaud you is a rush like no other.

But there is someone who will love you no matter how “off key” you sing.  He will love you forever.  All He asks is that you seek Him first.  Sing!  Sing with your whole being!  You may never win the big prize the world offers, but you will always be a winner in His eyes.