It’s all about masks these days.  Even as I write this, there are yards of fabric waiting to be cut and sewn.  It seems the least I can do while I sit under the Shelter at Home order.

They are multiplying like rabbits.  Masks are in every store, drive-through or curbside pick-up line and in the news.  Masks and tutorials on how to make them are plastered all over Social Media.

The masks come in solid colors, patterns and some announce the wearer’s favorite sports team.  They are made from paper, plastic, fabric and medical grade materials.

But if you think about it, there have always been masks – always will be, just a different sort. These other masks don’t hide from a virus.  They hide from fear, sorrow, abuse, depression and so much more.  People hide behind masks from things they cannot control, but hiding doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

When this crisis has passed us by and we have no more need for our masks, remember there are still folks in hiding.  They have a need that they want desperately to be freed from.  But their cries are for the most part silent.  If you are allowed close enough to discover their need, don’t run from it, from them.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know you care.