The definition of super hero has transformed – not as visibly as a toy turning into a mammoth metal warrior – but transformed, all the same.

Capes and tights have been replaced by hazmat suits and facemasks.  Hands are cleaned and sanitized so many times, it’s a wonder there is any skin left.

Chefs – whose exquisite food was once prepared for those who sometimes left without expressing gratitude, are now choosing to give that food free of charge to help the helpers.

Teachers – shut out of classrooms along with their students are finding new ways to touch the minds and hearts of those they have promised to educate.

Leaders in the faith community – when their houses of worship were closed, looked to untapped technology to reach and reassure their flocks.

Radio and television personalities, business owners and social media posters – decided that they would strive to remind us of the positives of life in the midst of dark days.

And lest we forget there are those who have vowed to protect and serve – our first responders, who as always, rush in to help, to save – even when circumstances are fraught with unknown dangers.

These people have no capes, but they are heroes none the less.

They are Super Heroes.