I wanted to move to Colorado.  I wanted to be closer to my parents if they needed me.  I loved the idea of mountains, lakes, clean air and a quieter place to live.  So, when I planned a visit to see the folks, I extended the timeframe to include house hunting.

I had prayed about it and “told” God that if He opened the doors, we would go, but if He closed them, I would accept His answer with no question. I had already been talking to a realtor and she had a list of potential home for me to look at during the stay. 

One by one, our little entourage ticked our way through the listings.  And each one had a reason that made us put it into the “no” column.  There was even one home in a beautiful 55-plus community that I really liked, but God closed that door as well.

I decided to explore a senior community to the east of us.  There were a number of homes that fit my parameters, but I prayed again, “Lord, open or close the doors as You see fit.”

We made an appointment to spend time with our friend, Barbara who is a realtor as well as being the wife of our Sunday school teacher.  The idea of being close to the numerous couples in our church family who live in that community was a plus.  We even asked the class to pray for God’s leading.

On our appointment day, Barbara asked if we could add one more home; one that she had just heard about that wasn’t even listed yet.  She had permission from the owners to show it and the second I walked through the door, I knew that unless God said no, this would be our home.

We finished the tour, and then knowing me far too well, my husband looked at me and asked, “Are we done?”  I wanted to say yes, but felt we at least owed it to Barbara to look at the other properties she had arranged for us to see. Nothing came close, and we decided to move forward and see what God would do.

Barbara talked to the sellers and the price they asked was under our budget. 

We asked for a second look at the house and to meet the owners.  They made us feel welcome and answered our questions. While Jim gave my husband a tour of the “tech” parts of the home, Dean showed me the kitchen, laundry, and bedrooms. We thanked them for their time, and as we turned to leave, Dean said, “We’re glad we met you.  We know you will love your new home.”

We made a list of the doors that God had opened and the blessings He was providing. 

We knew the realtor and we trusted her. 

We couldn’t move right away and neither could they.

I love gardens, but because of health issues, I have trouble caring for one, and this house had a custom, low maintenance garden.  The plants would be easy to take care of.  The garden hosted plants that drew hummingbirds and butterflies, two of my favorite things. 

I love yard art, especially wind-driven metal pieces and the guys were leaving multiple pieces as well as a large fountain and a bench perfect for reflection and doing my writing.

We needed a new fridge and washer and dryer and Jim and Dean were willing to leave their high-end appliances behind at a very reasonable price.

And my favorite part of the house; the cook’s kitchen was something I had dreamed of.

I believe the reason God blessed us with this home was because we were obedient and waited on His timing.

We may think we know what is best for us, but maybe if we just wait, He has something even better in mind.