Any kind of light
Is a help in the darkness
And what kind of light
Doesn’t matter
As long as you shine.

You can be a flashlight,
With a strong and steady beam
But even a flashlight
Needs fresh batteries
To be effective.

You can be a candlelight,
A soft glow,
Just enough to guide the way,
But the candle needs to be protected
Or they can be snuffed out by the wind.

You can be a lampstand,
A strong and stable light
That can be seen through the darkest night
But even a lampstand
Can be swallowed up in the fog.

You can be a bonfire,
A force strong enough
To be seen from great distance
But even a bonfire must be fed
Or it will be reduced to smolder and ash.

It doesn’t matter what kind of light you are
Just that you shine
As bright as possible
And that you allow others
To be a light for you.

Let your batteries be charged
Let your flame be protected
Don’t let your light be swallowed up
And let your light be fed by others.
So you can continue to shine your light.