You’ve probably seen those tests on Facebook: “What Will You Look Like As An Old Lady?” or “What’s The Brutal Truth About Your Past?” They’re fun, and the best thing is that if you don’t like the results, you can take them again and get a different answer.

There is another kind of test, one to help you discover your spiritual gifts. I Corinthians 12 discusses these gifts, and they range from things like teaching and exhortation (urging someone to do something) to helper gifts like service and giving. The thing is, even though you have been endowed with these gifts, you choose whether or not to use them.

My gifts are serving and showing mercy. I must have taken that test 20 times, always hoping for a “better” or “more important” gift. Nope. Same answer, every time. Even though I fought it, I finally realized that I liked serving and helping people. My 40 plus years in the funeral industry gave me plenty of opportunity to use those gifts, but following my retirement, I struggled to find my place in the non-working day to day.

I was recently reminded that I have the gift of serving. After the funeral of a member of our Sunday School class or “Life Group” as they are called these days, there was a meal. Yep, that’s what we Baptists do. As we finished, the lady next to me stood up and started to clear our table. For a second, I just looked at her, and then it clicked. I used to do this. Service is part of my ministry. While she worked one side of the room, I cleared the other. It felt good. Really good! Before we left the hall, I thanked her. I’d forgotten how good it felt to help.

As Christians, we are referred to as the “body of Christ.” We each have a job to do, and when we all work together, we function so much better. It doesn’t matter what your gift is; whether you have a front and center or behind the scenes roll. There is something inside you that spurs you to do certain things for your family and community. You may be a teacher, a speaker, an overseer, or like me, a helper. Whatever your gift; it’s important. Don’t put it on the shelf, and don’t be afraid to use it. If we all work together, we can make this “body” of people a whole lot better.